215 Gentle Soothing Facial Oil 30ml



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The emergency number for sensitive skin

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215 Gentle Soothing Facial Oil 30ml
The new oil 215 GENTLE SOOTHING FACIAL OIL soothes irritated skin with a highly effective SOS complex. A defence trio, consisting of components from sunflower oil,unsaturated fatty acids from echium oil and phytosterols from the balloon vine, stabilizes the skin deep down and has a protective effect against free radicals. The phytosterols in particular inhibit irritation and reduce allergic skin reactions.
A special care complex of peony extract, lotus extract and jojoba oil reduces skin irritation and intensifies the soothing effect. It is also antibacterial, strengthens the cell membrane and firms the skin.
To arm the skin against damaging influences in the future, oils from macadamia nuts, passion flower seeds and almonds form a strong protection complex. So, sensitive skin will become more resistant and supple after treatment, too.


Apply a few drops of the care oil to your face as you require, and leave it to be absorbed. Also recommended for use as preventive care in the morning and evening before applying 213 GENTLE SOOTHING CREAM.

Main active ingredients

Care complex of peony extract and lotus extract, jojoba oil, oils from macadamia nuts, passion flower seeds and almonds, bisabolol, squalane, vitamin E