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Dear Point D' Beaute,

It's been only 3 months since I came here. I've always wanted to be more beautiful and removve moles and marks... So I found this salon by "Parti". Thanks to Elaine, I was never worried about removing moles. I really, really appreciate your kindness and amazing treatments. Also, I'm satisfied with my skin after removing moles ^^ So glad to be more beautiful <3 I want to try to keep my beauty and improve my skin from now. Thank you for always being so helpful!! 谢谢!

渡星して3ケ月が経ち、そろそろ美容クリニックを見つてキレイになリたいと思った時、偶然Partiでニちらのお店を見つけましだ。先生の丁寜なカウンセリングのおかげで。不安なく施術を受けることができました.ホクロの除去も完ベキに仕上げで下さり、本当に感谢しでます!!ありがとうございます <3 <3もっともっと美意識上げてキしイになりたりと思いました。先生のゴッドハンドの赤毛で、シミやホロの恼みが解消士れて本当に喜しりです。これからもお世話になって、もっとキリイになりたいです。<3 宣しくお原頁いします!賴りになる先生と素敵ナスタッフの皆さん。


Rikako Watanabe, Japan

I’ve been a long time customer here. I only did eyelash perming service with them, but all people here always give me excellent service.

Nakatani Rie, Japan

To: Point D’ Beaute

I like Point D’ Beaute’s Eyebrow Engraving and facials. I keep coming back because of how they take care of me. Good service, staff is helpful and I like your smiles!!! Excellent!!!

Siew Fern

To All Babes Here,

Thanks you for providing excellent service and making a good job to beautiful me. My eye lashes rock all the May, with blink blink eye now!

Angeline Lim


Satoko Kuno, Japan

Dear Point D’ Beaute,

Thank you so much for your professional service. You are so good in this field. I will return again for another eyebrow refill.

Yuka Itakura, Japan

A big thank you for the quality service by dedicated staff. Been coming for the past 2 years and have not been disappointed. Keep up the good job and I appreciate the patience that you all have shown. 

Grace Leow

Thanks Elaine, May & Fei

For All the Years of Service, and accommodating to my special requests your ladies have been very patient and wonderful. And of course not forgetting the beautiful fluttery eyelash extensions that have become my trademark! Continue with the great work and really hope you guys will be around to fix my lashes for a long longtime!

Shaan Liew

To all the lovely ladies here,

your warm & friendly smile and of course with your excellent service kept me coming here! I think you guys treat all your customers with your heart! I felt the sincerity, & I believe everyone else too!

Siew Fang

Have been a customer here for around 2 years.  My friends who patronized here, strongly recommended this place to us. After my first visit .I now understand why. The staffs here are very professional and patient. Truly enjoy my visit here every time. Thanks you for always being so efficient and patient. Will definitely recommend this place to all my other friends too.

Jill Tay, Banker

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